A New Frame of Mind at Baronian Xippas, Knokke | SOLO SHOW

June 12th - August 1st, 2021 

Baronian Xippas is proud to present A New Frame of Mind, a solo exhibition of new and existing works by Argentinian-born sculptor and designer Pablo Reinoso (b. 1955).

Over the course of his career, Reinoso has expanded the boundaries of his multi-media practice to challenge the formal and conceptual relationship between art and design. His witty and often playful lens transports viewers into a world that defies the familiar.

Alongside a curated selection of the artist’s iconic sculpture series, including new “Frames” and a newly-designed “Garabatos” bench, this exhibition will be the first in Belgium to showcase his new Indian ink works on paper wherein the artist moves on from a project-oriented approach to drawing in order to explore the pictorial surface more freely, inaugurating an altogether new form of expression.

This dialogue between his two and three-dimensional works not only offers a nuanced insight his conceptual process, but also reveal the artist’s celebration of nature and its materials, an essential aspect of his practice.

From left to right: Marco Paris VI, 2020 and Lockdown Social Distance 4, chinese ink on paper, variable dimensions - Photo © Raoul De Schuyter

From left to right: Émanation 5, Lockdown Social Distance 4, Vibrations 15, chinese ink on paper, variable dimensions - Photo © Raoul De Schuyter

From left to right: Marco Noyer 2, Marco Noyer 4, Marco Noyer 1 - Photo © Raoul De Schuyter

From left to right: Wall Tool I, Uprooted VI, Uprooted V, Uprooted III, Wall Tool V - Photo © Raoul De Schuyter

From left to right: Marco Noyer 4, Marco Noyer 1, Vibrations 4, Looping One, Vibrations 7 - Photo © Raoul De Schuyter