From 20 to 24 September 2017,
Pablo Reinoso will present an installation of seven sculptures
as a part of his Spaghetti Benches series,
specially made for the city of Bordeaux on the Miroir d’Eau.

Drawing on the theme of “landscape” chosen by the Agora biennale and the grand cultural season of the city, Pablo Reinoso imagined the installation L’Observatoire du Ciel (The Sky Observatory) which the public is invited to take part in. Pablo Reinoso designed a visual and poetic reversal of the landscape through the reflections of the sky on the Miroir d’Eau. The artist creates an infinite scenery in which the physical landmarks are turned on their heads.

This manipulation of the boundaries between land and water result in three forms, the fog, the water-mirror, and empty. The installation is the opportunity to see the city as if from the imagination.

First, the mist of water rises, and the city disappears. Sitting on the sculptures, the audience becomes part of the clouds. Second, the fog descends and leaves the mirror reflecting the sky. The benches then offer them a seat inside the blue, a break in the landscape, to rest their feet in the sky. Finally, the Miroir d’Eau dissipates and reveals the famous “place de la Bourse.”

photo credits: Rodrigo Reinoso