Tuscan Meanders at La Tinaia Al Bosco, Tuscany, Italy | SOLO EXHIBITION


Pablo Reinoso is pleased to announce Tuscan Meanders, his solo exhibition at Palazzo Al Bosco, a private exhibition space dedicated to culture and contemporary creation acquired by patrons and collectors Caroline and Eric Freymond, located on an 18-hectares estate in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside and vineyards. The exhibition, initiated by Caroline and Eric Freymond with the participation of Amaury de la Moussaye, will open on September 23 and run until July 31, 2024.

The exhibition will be housed in the Tinaia Al Bosco, a former wine press transformed into a vast gallery space dedicated to large-scale monographic exhibitions. Here, the artist will present a selection of works from the “Spaghetti Bench”, “Thonet”, “Frames” series, including both new productions and iconic works such as Thonet 10 & 19 (2005), Curly Bench (2019), Dédale (2020). The exhibition will also feature a focus on the “Prêt-à-thonet” series, with a selection of pieces also inspired by the Thonet 14 chair, at the crossroads of art, design and fashion. The exhibition will continue outside, in the gardens of the Palazzo al Bosco, with a number of steel works from the “Spaghetti Bench” series.

Curly Bench, 2019 © Photo : Rodrigo Reinoso

On the occasion of the opening of Tuscan Meanders, the artist will also unveil two new works designed especially for the Théâtre de Verdure and the Loggia at Palazzo Al Bosco, created in dialogue with the architectural and natural landscape of Tuscany. In the loggia, the artist has imagined a monumental sculpture embracing the building’s architecture, integrating its structure, while a new installation titled Trespoli Toscani (2021), composed of the artist’s signature “Harmony Chairs” and installed in the gardens, will offer visitors a wonderful and unique way to catch a distant glimpse of Brunelleschi’s dome in Florence.

The exhibition Tuscan Meanders has been conceived with the participation of Amaury de La Moussaye.

I trespoli Toscani, 2021 © Photo : Rodrigo Reinoso